Corporate & Commercial

Financial Institutions, Corporate & Commercial

The Financial Institutions, Corporate & Commercial Practice Group is headed by Mr Tan Hin Tat, the Firm's Principal Partner, with more than 30 years experience in private practice. He has had extensive experience in the financial services industry and in handling cross-border corporate-commercial matters, as well as in conveyancing and litigation matters. The other lawyers in this department are Mrs Janet Wee-Tan (Partner), Ms Claire Tham (Partner), Ms Teo Liyin and Ms Serena Goh.

The Financial Institutions, Corporate and Commercial Group specialises in the following areas:

  • Transactional and advisory work for financial institutions
  • Transactional and advisory work for companies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate secretarial

Transactional and advisory work for financial institutions

The Firm acts for a wide range of banks on a broad range of financing transactions, both locally and cross-border. In particular, the Firm has carved out a niche in real estate financing, which sees the Banking, Corporate and Commercial Practice Group working closely with the Real Estate Practice Group. Major real estate transactions have included financing for en bloc residential re-developments, commercial property financing and construction financing. In addition to real estate financing, the Firm also provides general legal advice on consumer, corporate, private banking and treasury matters to banks. Apart from banks, the Firm also advises a number of stockbroking firms on their legal matters.

For further information on financing transactions, please contact Mr Tan Hin Tat or Mrs Janet Wee-Tan. For general banking and financial institution matters, please contact Mr Tan Hin Tat or Ms Claire Tham.

Transactional and advisory work for companies

The Firm provides the drafting and advisory services to companies, including drafting and advising on the following principal documents;

  • Shareholders’ agreements, joint venture agreements, subscription and investment agreements, agreements for sale and purchase shares, for both listed and unlisted companies. The Firm also advises on all legal aspects of such transactions.

  • Franchise and licensing agreements, including trademark licensing and software licensing agreements.

  • Hotel management and other agreements relating to all aspects of hotel operations. The Firm acts for major listed hotel and lifestyle clients in such transactions.

Corporate Secretarial, Post-Listing Advice and Corporate Governance

The Firm’s corporate secretarial department provides corporate secretarial services to listed and unlisted companies at competitive rates. For SGX-listed companies, the Firm will also advise on post-listing requirements under the SGX Listing Manual and assist with preparation of shareholders’ circulars for submission to SGX where required.

The Firm also advises on corporate governance matters for Singapore-incorporated banks under the Banking (Corporate Governance) Regulations and Singapore-listed companies.

For further information on Corporate Secretarial, Post-Listing Advice and Corporate Governance, please contact Ms Claire Tham or Ms Serena Goh.

Regulatory Compliance

The Firm advises on regulatory compliance issues in relation to the Banking Act, Securities and Futures Act, Financial Advisers Act and other major legislation affecting the financial industry in Singapore. The growing complexity of the financial industry in Singapore has resulted in a rapidly-evolving regulatory framework which requires financial institutions to keep themselves constantly updated. For further information, please contact Ms Claire Tham.

Sports Law Practice

Our Sports Law Practice division attends to a wide range of sports-related business activity ranging from the lease of sporting facility, sporting event organisation and management to sponsorship representation. Running the Sports Law Practice within our Corporate Department is Ms Serena Goh, who is no stranger to competitive sports. Serena Goh has and is still actively competing in local and overseas marathons, triathlons, swimming competitions, various racket games. Serena has advised companies locally and abroad on legal rights and documentation related to sponsorship representation, acquisition of international sporting rights and the organisation and management of various sporting events to national team representation agreements.